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In our KTR free jet system we treat series parts up to a size of 4 x 3 metres. All steel types except aluminium can be sandblasted here. It is also possible to prepare single pieces by sandblasting.
Mould making is the special field of our KTR turning department. Here we create moulds from all steel types and semi-finished plastics using modern turning machines equipped with driven tools – in series production as well as individual production.
KTR also operates a milling shop specialised in mould-making. As well as in our turning shop, we manufacture individual moulds as well as series products here. Therefore we use high-performance milling machines that are CAD/CAM ready and able to shape free forms.
Our experts for coating efficiently and professionally perform all regular painting and nitrocellulose painting tasks from single to series parts. With a drying cabinet and the possibilities of a special suspension system on a conveyor belt we are perfectly equipped.
Intelligent products, constantly refined: In our electronically controlled injection moulding machines we produce single pieces and series parts from diverse plastic materials. Our in-house mould-making department permanently strives to optimise the high-quality products even further.
Individual manufacture of demanding products – no problem for KTR. In our rubber injection moulding machines we produce articles of different sizes up to a volume of five litres. Our in-house mould-making is your advance: We can provide you with customised rubber parts, even extraordinary combinations including plastic-rubber-connections or steel-rubber-connections are available at your demand.
With our state-of-the-art polyurethane processing machines we can even fill very large and complex moulds. In this process we use high-strength polyurethanes, especially abrasion-optimised polyurethanes. Shore hardness and colour are chosen to meet your demands. By laser sintering we create simple moulds in-house.
In our autoclave production we process all common elastomers such as EPDM, NBR, SBR and many more materials. This is where our KTR experts manufacture solid rubber parts up to an injection volume of 10 litres as well as durable, high-quality rubber-metal-compounds.
On our state-of-the-art whirling machines we produce spirals up to a size of 2 metres. For industrial needs we process the tool steel types 4571 and 2436. As in all other areas we are very flexible and delighted to create new combinations according to your individual demands.
Using a pressure of 6.000 bar and three times the speed of sound we cut plastics, steel and stone –without any thermal deformations using the water jet cutting technique. With this environmentally friendly procedure we can give nearly all materials the shape you need. For harder materials such as Hardox steels we add an auxiliary abrasive to the water jet. This is how we can cut even panels as thick as 100 millimetres safely and accurately.
Our experienced specialists for tooling combine solid craftsmanship with the most advanced technology. The core competences of our highly qualified staff lie especially with mould-making, gauge-building and production facility construction. With the help of modern milling and turning systems we manufacture tools for products of our own development and also implement your specific ideas easily.
The rougher, the better: When it comes to durable rubber-metal-compounds, preparation is crucial. Our KTR thoroughly pretreat metallic surfaces; first by roughening them in a free jet cabin with a special corundrum steel. That way, we create an exceptionally large surface. Subsequently we provide the material with a special coating – for the perfect connection with rubber or plastic.


Erstellt am: 19.06.2020 - Kategorie: Zertifizierungsaudit

In einem Zertifizierungsaudit haben wir nachgewiesen, dass ein Energiemanagementsystem eingeführt wurde und erfolgreich angewendet wird entsprechend der Norm ISO 50001.

Download: Zertifikat ISO 50001