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KTR plastic injection moulding:
Your product in perfect shape – we've got the tools it takes!

For many years now we have been developing and manufacturing diverse products made of thermoplastic materials. From expert consultation and in-house tooling to the first-class results we are determined to meet your specific requirements. With moulded part weights from one to 2.500 grams and with the processing of all common thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers, our flexibility is nearly unlimited. Among other materials, we process PE-LD, PE-HD, PP, PS, SB, SAN, ABS, PMMA, PA 6, PA 66, PA 6-3-T, POM, PET, PC and PU gunning materials. Besides we produce items that are subjected to special stresses – for example chemical stresses – from PTFE semi-finished products. When required, we use dual component technology. If the production tools are not supplied by our customers, they are manufactured in our own tooling department. Even at short notice we produce all experimental tools, pilot series tools and production tools. Afterwards we use state-of-the art tie-bar-less injection moulding machines to finish your individual, highest-quality products.



Erstellt am: 19.06.2020 - Kategorie: Zertifizierungsaudit

In einem Zertifizierungsaudit haben wir nachgewiesen, dass ein Energiemanagementsystem eingeführt wurde und erfolgreich angewendet wird entsprechend der Norm ISO 50001.

Download: Zertifikat ISO 50001