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KTR mould making and tooling:
Milled, turned and tested – ready for series production

Product quality starts with the tailor-made tool. Our moulding and tooling department produces tools for articles of our own development as well as those for customer-specific developments. Our core competences include mould-making, gauge-building and production facility construction. Before use, all our injection moulding tools are thoroughly tested regarding their functionality. For this purpose, we install them in a suitable injection moulding machine and examine slide mechanics, jacks, hydraulics, splitter diameters, feed points, separation, cooling as well as de-forming. When the functional tests prove the tool's perfect performance, it is ready for its application – guaranteeing a smooth operation from the beginning.



Erstellt am: 19.06.2020 - Kategorie: Zertifizierungsaudit

In einem Zertifizierungsaudit haben wir nachgewiesen, dass ein Energiemanagementsystem eingeführt wurde und erfolgreich angewendet wird entsprechend der Norm ISO 50001.

Download: Zertifikat ISO 50001